Grade II Listed Building Maintenance Services

At Steve Gilbert Building, we offer a range of maintenance services on Grade II Listed Buildings. If you’re not entirely sure what a Listed Building actually is, there are three different categories:

  • Grade I
  • Grade II*
  • Grade II

Grade I is a building of exceptional architectural or historic importance, whilst Grade II* is of particular national importance and special interest. We deal with Grade II listed building, which are of special architectural or historic interest, and these account for 94% of all listed buildings.

The entire building is listed, or not at all. This includes any and all of its features. You can obtain a ‘List Description’ about the history of the property and its character from the Listed Buildings Online website. Here you will also find a list of all of the listed buildings throughout the UK.

Anyone can apply to have their building listed. The Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport is responsible for compiling this list based on a number of factors. Buildings can also be delisted, depending on the situation.

It’s important to note that if your building is listed, there’s an entire list of legalities which you must adhere to when hoping to make amendments. You must apply for permissions, which may or may not be granted depending on what you’re asking. Listed Building Consent is needed for any work to be carried out, and it’s a criminal offence to disregard this.

Once you’ve applied for this consideration using the Listed Building Consent forms, we will be able to make changes to suit the feel of the property, providing these are in the realms of the permission you’ve been granted.