Double glazing is nothing new, but there are still so many properties which do not make full use of it as an innovation. Despite the fact that many people may be put off by the initial investment, it’s something that’ll pay off in the long run, and it requires almost no maintenance. Not only is it brilliant for the environment, it’s actually brilliant for your wallet over time, too.

How Does It Work?

Double glazing implementation is quite a complex process which should only be undertaken by professionals (you’re in the right place!). It’s a superior to other types of windows because (as the name suggests…) it involves two, double panes of glass as opposed to just a singular one, which together work by trapping air between them. This trapped air then keeps everything inside that you don’t want to escape through your windows – like heat, sound and everything else!

It Helps The Environment…

Our carbon footprints in modern Britain can quite frankly be devastating. The average person living here consumes more energy individually than is possible to sustain our planet. Put simply, if everyone in the world lived our lifestyle, we’d need two, three or even more planets just to make that possible. However, we only have one earth!

The air that is trapped between the panels needed for double glazed windows equates to Carbon Dioxide, or CO2. The more insulated a home is, the more environmentally friendly it becomes! Increased emissions leads to a worse carbon footprint, and this lack of energy saving will have repercussions on us all.

If everyone in the UK who still needs double glazing went out and got it tomorrow, we’d cut the carbon emissions for 800,000 homes, meaning we’d be reducing our footprint collectively and being an all-round greener nature to protect its future.

Hurray for preventing climate change!

It Also Helps Your Finances!

If heat, also referred to in this article as Carbon Dioxide is trapped in your home, then it makes sense that your home would therefore be warmer! This means that you’ll need lots less energy to heat your home than ever before, as all the heat will keep you nice and toasty inside. It won’t be getting out only for you to have to pay loads more bills in keeping it on longer. Saving energy saves your bank account in having to pay out for more of it – on average, to the tune of £100 or moreper year. It can also be a selling point when moving, so it’s a very good investment indeed!

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